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    You know, you hear things like one person can't make a diffrence. That you can't fight city hall. I don't agree with that opinion.

    Christ was one man. Although he was the Son of God, he was one man. Who laid his life down so that we might be free. Free from slavery of hell, paid the price with each lash he took. Each drop of blood that fell from him. One life changed Millions and perhaps billions.

    So my question is to you, do you think that one person can make the diffrence? If one loses the feeling that one person can make it, what does that do for the rest of us? Where does that leave every christan that BELIEVES it only takes one to stand up for what he or she believes?

    Just a few things floating around in the maze of my mind and i'm curious what you guys think [​IMG]

    God Bless either way ;)

    Wendy Lea

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