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    The top 10 fears of our youths (Part II)

    by Dr. Thom Rainer 15 Sep 2003
    Dr. Thom Rainer

    According to our research, teenagers today are the most unreached people for Christ in the nation. Less than 10 percent of America’s youths have accepted Christ as their Lord and Savior. Our research team has interviewed hundreds of young people across America. In the course of these interviews we came to understand and appreciate them even more. Among the many areas where we learned so much, perhaps the most revealing was hearing the fears of our youths.

    There are two basic reasons churches today do not reach youths. The first reason is they simply do not try to reach young people with the gospel. There is no intentionality. The second reason is that many leaders and laypersons do not understand the young people. It is my prayer that this brief background will help you understand teens better and thus have a greater passion to reach them.

    In this article, I continue looking at the ten greatest fears of our young people. I take the top 10 fears in reverse order and look at fears seven though four in this article. In the next article I will share fears three through one.

    The rest of the story is at http://www.churchcentral.com/nw/s/template/Article.html/id/16848

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