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Discussion in 'Baptist Theology & Bible Study' started by Rippon, Jun 14, 2006.

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    Eli and Samuel had bad sons . You would have thought that Samuel would have learned from the example Eli set . The very first revelation Samuel had was to tell Eli that God was going to kill his sons . Eli's sons blasphemed God and the senior prophet failed to restrain them . Samuel fell right into the same pattern with his own sons .

    In 1 Timothy 3:4,5 it deals with qualifications for overseers .

    He should know how to manage his own household well , winning the obedience and respect of his own children . How can one look after the affairs of one of God's congregations if he can not superintend his own home affairs ? ( Norlie New Testament )

    Titus 1:6 is along the same lines . And the qualifications for deacons in 1 Timothy 3:11 is similar .

    Would an Eli or Samuel be allowed to assume the office of overseer today ?
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    One was a Jewish high priest, the other was a Jewish prophet/judge. I am not sure they would have the "desire" to seek the office of overseer in a 1st century (or 21st century) Christian church.

    Eli was obviously not qualified. That's why he fell on his head and broke his neck. If God dealt that way with all unqualified person's seeking the office of overseer, we would have less preachers and better preaching.

    If Samuel shows up, he's got my vote. And I would encourage everyone else to do exactly what he says.

    peace to you:praise:
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    I really think the role that Samuel and Eli held is different from that of the elder, although there may be some crossover.

    I've been working through this question in a slightly different way.

    Is a pastor always an Elder?

    Is the position of pastor a spiritual gift or an office?


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