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    As many of you know, there are a few differences between the Oxford edition of the KJV and the Cambridge edition of the KJV. I will use the Oxford edition in the Scofield Reference Bible and compare it to a present-day KJV published by Cambridge University Press in Great Britain and
    identified as a "standard text edition."

    Oxford [O] Cambridge [C]

    Josh. 19:2 and Sheba [O] or Sheba [C]
    2 Kings 19:23 the Lord [O] the LORD [C]
    2 Chron. 33:19 sins [O] sin [C]
    Neh. 1:11 O Lord [O] O LORD [C}
    Ps. 148:8 vapours [O] vapour [C]
    Jer. 34:16 whom he [O] whom ye [C]
    Nah. 3:16 fleeth [O] flieth [C]

    Another difference is in the use of the apostrophe. Oxford has an apostrophe in some
    words "their's" (Matt. 5:3), "your's" (Luke 6:20)
    while the Cambridge does not.

    Some spelling differences including the following: [Oxford spelling listed first]
    • Gen. 8:1 asswaged assuaged
      Gen. 8:11 pluckt plucked
      Gen. 11:3 morter mortar
      Gen. 30:37 chesnut chestnut
      Gen. 39:6 ought aught
      Exod. 24:6 basons basins
      Exod. 26:31 vail veil
      Lev. 14:42 plaistered plastered
      Lev. 21:20 crookbackt crookbacked
      Lev. 25:9 jubile jubilee
      Josh. 6:9 rereward rearward
      Ruth 1:18 stedfastly steadfastly
      1 Kings 6:15 cieling ceiling
      2 Chron. 2:16 flotes floats
      Job 19:17 intreated entreated
      Ps. 149:6 twoedged two-edged
      Prov. 20:25 enquiry inquiry
      Isa. 59:17 cloke cloak
      Ezek. 4:1 pourtray portray
      Matt. 17:15 lunatick lunatic
      Matt. 27:48 spunge sponge
      Rev. 21:20 chrysolyte chrysolite</font>
    Does anyone else know of any other differences between the Cambridge edition of the KJV and the Oxford edition of the KJV?

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