Poll finds most Americans are unhappy with government

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Crabtownboy, Feb 11, 2010.

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    It would not show on this board, but even Palin has taken a big hit recently with the American public. IMHO the people of American, taken as a whole, are much smarter than politicians of any party give them credit for ... maybe this has always been true.

    Mark Twain said something like,

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    People in general love to complain - without really knowing anything about the facts.

    For example, yesterday, I had a very nice conversation with an extreme liberal. Her too main points: 1) Everything Obama has done has been good. 2) everything Bush did was wrong. :BangHead:

    I asked her what BO has accomplished. Her answer - He worked very hard to push the Obamacare thur (BTW - it has not Passed! :laugh:) I asked what else - she couldn't think of anything.

    Her big problem with Bush was that he took away our constitutional rights (ie Patriot act) I asked her opinion about the time that Abe Lincoln suspended some Constitutional rights. She was not aware of Habeas Corpus
    Of course Abortion came up. She gave the typical example that a 4 month old fetus could not survive on its own. I asked her how a full 9 month fully born baby could survive on it own for a full week, if left alone with no food or ect. I am still waiting on an answer!

    Upon departing - we did agree that we disagree. I really think that she was surprised that as a conservative, I did not put her down. I trust that next time I pick her up in my cab, I might have a chance to share the Lord with her.


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