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    There are 2 issues with posting images:

    a.) page load time
    b.) copyright

    If the image file is not on BB's server, BB's webspace and bandwidth are not used at all.

    a.) Regardless where the image files are stored, images will slow page loading. If the image files are small (smilies) or rare (not in other every post) the benefits outweigh the disadvantages. If there are large image files those who connect at regular dial-up speeds will have to wait several seconds for the page to load. Many BB members connect at high-speeds, so even if the pages are loaded with large image files, pages load instatly - but many (especially those in other countries) connect at slower speeds.

    b.) Image files are covered by copyright laws. While most images on the web are in public domain, many are not. Usually, it's hard to tell the difference.

    Therefore, members are allowed to post small images that are not copyrighted. "Small" means an image that is smaller in size than the Baptist Board logo. Members are encouraged to link to images that are larger in size than BB's logo.

    Member profiles can have images - regardless of size.

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