POTUS '08: 24-Hour, Commercial-Free Election Coverage

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    POTUS '08: 24-Hour, Commercial-Free Election Coverage on XM Satellite Radio

    Starting today, XM Satellite Radio customers can listen to the first national radio channel dedicated to the presidential election: POTUS '08. The 24-hour channel, created in association with C-SPAN and other media outlets, will feature news updates and events covering all aspects of the presidential campaign: candidate interviews, complete speeches, debate coverage, latest polling results, fundraising status, and live call-in shows.

    Now through inauguration, the channel will provide free airtime for presidential candidates to speak to voters. You'll hear from new media outlets like bloggers and podcasters, too. You can also listen to archival audio of historic moments from past campaigns, tapping C-SPAN’s rich political archive.
    POTUS '08 will be located at XM Channel 130. The channel will be streamed to the web site XM Radio Online at http://listen.xmradio.com.

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