Pray for Christian Refugees in Sudan

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    When Christians were driven from their homes in Sudan’s Nuba Mountains by government bombings, most fled with little more than the clothes on their backs. Many had to walk for days to reach refugee camps that offered very little in the way of meeting their numerous needs. Recently, VOM workers and partners distributed Action Packs through church networks in the camps. Displaced families, widows and the disabled were among those who received the VOM reader-sponsored Action Packs recently in Yida, a refugee camp in South Sudan. The Action Packs contained shoes, children’s clothing, towels, soap, bed sheets and many other badly needed items. In total, VOM will distribute 3,500 Action Packs in various refugee camps in 2013. One recipient, a widow with five children, said, “With all that happened to me during the war and up until now, I still trust in God. Last month as I was seated in my house, one of the church members brought me an Action Pack from the church, which he said were gifts from our Christian brothers and sisters in U.S. who are praying for us. This really touched my heart.”

    Here is a video I made while I was on mission in Israel last year. We visited a Sudanese church and this was the pastor
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    Incredible! We will pray!

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