pray for Omaha Nebraska (multiple shootings happening here every day....

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    we have a rash of shootings this week all over the city (which has resulted in at least 3 deaths)

    and this city is on edge.

    one of the 2 today happened near my old elementary school (and like where another shooting happened this week)

    is 2 areas of the city I am giving out gospel tracts door to door

    pray for Omaha Nebraska at this time and pray the violence here stops

    and pray for those in those 2 areas and others I am handing tracts out to at door to door

    and pray for those in those areas I am hanind out tracts in who dont know JESUS will come to know him.

    especially pray for my friends Melanie M.

    and also pray for Melissa and her husband 's salvation and safety.

    they live in the 2 areas I mentioned that recently have had shootings and also have gotten tracts from me.

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