President Bush to Nominate Mukasey for Attorney General

Discussion in 'Politics' started by KenH, Sep 16, 2007.

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    "Before becoming a judge, Mukasey worked under Rudy Giuliani as a federal prosecutor in New York and is supporting the former mayor for president.

    The choice signals conciliation by a White House that over the years has been known for confrontation.

    The Republican sources said Bush will still fight hard on Iraq and the budget, and said they considered it foolish to pass up the chance to have a candidate likely to be confirmed swiftly.

    White House Counsel Fred F. Fielding, a Reagan administration veteran, has been conveying open-mindedness as he consulted both parties on Capitol Hill about the pick.

    The choice reflects the practicality of the aides now in charge of the White House: Chief of Staff Joshua B. Bolten, Counselor Ed Gillespie and Deputy Chief of Staff Joel D. Kaplan."

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