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    Doing some research on this group and I have some SERIOUS objections to them. They lean or are Hyper-Calvinist (although not sure if they lean into Supralapsarianism or Infralapsarianism) for one, believe that only Baptism done by their churches is valid, and a baptism by a SBC, IFB, or another type of orthodox church is not. They are against the Way of the Master, and also Arminian based tract ministries and other forms of evangelism. These Primitive Baptists also do not believe in using musical instruments in their worship services and believe in only cappella type singing. I do not understand. Is Satan somehow involved in musical instruments? Do devils work through guitars? And also they have an issue with Sunday School which again puzzles me. And finally they believe in foot washing which is a interesting practice that I thought only existed in Emerging Churches. Yes indeed I once had my foot washed my a female in such an environment years ago! While perhaps nothing wrong with this practice, perhaps it is a little bit odd, but perhaps it may be okay. Hyper-Calvinism has already been discussed here many times, but I did not know anything about Primitive Baptists until yesterday and getting all kinds of red flags about their teachings. But I will say anyone whom does not believe in evangelism and anyone whom believes that God does not love the non-elect has some real issues. The gospel call is to all of mankind and we are to preach it to everyone. Hunan Responsibility is a key factor which Primitive Baptists deny.
    One area where Ray Comfort misses the ball is that man is corrupted and condemned MOSTLY not because he broke the Ten Commandments, but because he rejected and has rejected Christ! The Blasphemy of the Holy Spirit the ultimate sin!! So sad... So sad...
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    It is Sunday, and you, and I, will be in our respective churches, for, I expect, the whole day.
    At least, I will be.
    It is the first Sunday of the first month of the year, and the pastor at the church I am a member of, suggested that after the services we all have a good lunch and fellowship.
    So I expect to be home in the evening yet, seeing as the church is 50 miles away down towards San Jose in California and I am up here near the Bay.
    This is the only thing I can say right now.
    Remember what I said about anything you pick up from any book recommended to you by anyone which you will decide as good or bad will be decided on as good or bad depending on your own theological bent and, I add now, preconceived biases ?
    You're proving that right now.
    But, as long as we can keep the discussion civil, minus the usual innuendoes about our spirituality and salvation and so on which are so common here on this board, I'll be glad to check back on this thread tonight.
    Have a blessed day, and enjoy your services.
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    Sounds like you should just add them to your 'threats to Christianity' list and stay away from those people.
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    So did I, at first. So this is nothing new.

    I will allow you to use hyper-calvinist, since I've never seen anyone use hyper-Primitive Baptist.:laugh:
    Now, if you will please present your objection to hyper-Calvinism and why you think it such a monstrosity, maybe we can get this discussion going into a more intelligent bent, and please do not read anything negative into what I said. thank you.
    Is this something new ? I was a member of an Arminian Bible Baptist Church in the Philippines, and I don't know now, but, back then, if you were baptized by, say, the Baptist World Alliance for example, why, they would attempt, though not insist, to have you rebaptized.
    Now, from what I understand, besides being a symbolic burial, the way to join a church is through baptism, and when you join a church you are saying you agree with its doctrines, teachings, and practices.
    If he does, then why should a rebaptism be out of order ?
    If he doesn't, where in the Bible does it say it is ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY to be baptized in order to be saved ?
    Alright now, let us reverse the situation.
    Suppose I, a PB, decided I wanted to join a SBC church in, say, upstate New York because there is no PB church there, and I wanted to be "identified" with a local church as well as participate in the ordinances.
    Now, will that pastor, NOT KNOWING ANYTHING ABOUT THE CHURCH THAT BAPTIZED ME, NOR OF THE PASTOR THAT ADMINISTERED THE BAPTISM, and knowing upon examination of my beliefs that I hold to doctrines and practices that are in some ways contrary to his and theirs, present me for membership in the church WITHOUT HAVING ME RENOUNCE MY ERROR (as he perceives them to be) AND SIGNIFYING MY ASSENT TO THE DOCTRINE OF THEIR CHURCH ?
    Will I be accepted, should I be accepted, simply because the church I came from bears the name "Baptist" ?

    I have no idea what the Way of the Master is all about. Is it an Aikido or Karate concept ? :laugh:
    Seriously, I have no idea what it is. I'm gonna have to read up on it.
    As to evangelism, please have a talk with a PB minister first before making a sweeping accusation.

    You make it sound like this is horrible sin, and that it is a DOCTRINE strictly enforced even in personal lives. For your information, there are many Primitive Baptists who play musical instruments of all sorts and play beautifully, too.
    We have bluegrass musicians who can give the best fiddlers a run for their money.
    But, in a worship setting ?
    We prefer to stick close to how the ORIGINAL New Testament church did it, having our hearts as the accompaniment to music.
    Remember why they gave us the moniker "Primitive" ?

    That is how we do it in OUR churches, and that is OUR preference.
    Now, if you have a 200 string orchestra complete with 50 cymbals, 12 electric guitars, 15 bass drums, 5 concert pianos, and a 100-member choir that rehearses and rehearses the whole Friday and Saturdays until their conductor is fully satisfied that the church will be "blessed", my friend, rock on. Boom on. It's YOUR church, do as you please.

    For that, Evang, all you need to do is search the internet and you will find a lot of articles and commentaries on how Satan is influencing the youth and the churches through rock music, which employes musical instruments and guitars, and "contemporary" songs.
    and, mind you, of 10 articles, you'll probably not find more than one who is of the Primitive Baptist persuasion.

    Because while Sunday school has such noble intentions, it is not God's way.
    And, please study the history of Sunday schools.
    What its original purposes were.

    Foot washing is a very much alive and observed practice among many churches, not just the Primitive Baptists., especially in the Appalachians.
    And in our non-emergent churches, your feet will NEVER be washed by a female nor will you ever wash any female's.

    you must be an avid reader of horror stories to see red flags that much.:laugh:

    Again, for somebody who has never been aware that foot washing is a practice very much alive and observed among many churches, to accuse Primitive Baptists of not believing in evangelism is laughable. A real investigator would talk to a LIVE PB minister first before he says, "there they gooooooo. the red flaaag is up.....tatatatata."

    well, the way I see it, anyone who misses the fact that (1) God EXCLUDED the tribes around Israel from receiving His blessings, (2) God COMMANDED Saul to slay all, men, women, and children, including livestock (which Saul by the way disobeyed) (3) that God DISPOSSESSED the tribes around Israel of their land and gave the land only to Israel, has some real issues if he insists God does love the non-elect.

    Interesting God, though.

    He is Omnipresent, and you and I, evang, can hardly make coffee appear in front of us without having to get up from the chair we sit on and brew it ourselves, but it is you and I whom He tasks with preaching the gospel to EVERYONE and making sure the gospel call is heard by ALL MANKIND ?

    He is Omniscient, and knows the names of all His people, where they are, who they are, their personal circumstances, their present, their future, their past, everything about them, even the number of hairs on their heads, and you and I probably know nothing about distant relatives much less about the neighbors in the next block, but you and I are the ones He tasked with taking the gospel call to ALL MANKIND ?

    You're the one accusing us of denying human responsibility.
    Do you REALLY know what we believe regarding human responsibility ?

    Pardon me, but your slip is showing, evang.
    Which CHRIST was rejected by man BEFORE Christ came and the gospel was preached ?
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    Son...where do you get this material from? Maybe you should lay off those Mikes lemonades for a awhile! :laugh:
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