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Discussion in 'Sports' started by ccrobinson, Oct 10, 2005.

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    Did anybody else see the excellent Japanese Grand Prix at Suzuka this weekend? Raikkonen's run from the back of the field to win was spectacular. In a form of racing where passing for the lead on the track hardly ever happens, there was a pass for the lead on the last lap, which is virtually unheard of in F1 racing these days.

    This season is totally a season of what-if for Raikkonen. If the car had just held together for 1 more lap at the Nurburgring, and if he hadn't had to make a 2nd pit stop at Monza, he and Alonso would be tied going into the final race of the season at Shanghai.

    As good as McLaren has been in 2005, at least a small measure of justice will be served if they can win the constructor's championship.

    Oh yeah, how about a great run by Mark Martin to win at Kansas? Unfortunately for Mark, I believe that Tony Stewart will be the 2005 Nextel Cup champion.

    It was nice to see that Nascar finally figured out that having one guy own 4 or 5 teams is bad for the sport. What took 'em so long to figure that one out?

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