Reference to "Bama" in Jeremiah?

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Speedpass, Nov 10, 2011.

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    During last Saturday's "Gameday" on ESPN, was there a segment about some former Alabama football player who is now a preacher making reference to "Bama" in Jeremiah? I didn't know there was such a reference made in the Word, or was I dreaming. This "preacher" was also making comments about the late Paul "Bear" Bryant not really being saved, despite all the comments of praise he made to God during his long life and tenure as the Crimson Tide's coach.:praying:
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    If you do a Bible search with the word "bama," the only thing you get is "Bamah," a particular place in Ezekiel. Perhaps he meant something else, but I don't find anything searching with "crimson," "tide," or "bear." What else might there be?

    As for Paul "Bear" Bryant not being saved... we just don't know, and I doubt if that guy does either. He didn't live like a Christian-- cursing, smoking, drinking, and about as overbearing as they come in his trade. But if you take that approach, there are few Christians for whom something can't be pointed out that might raise such doubt about being saved; you once heard them lie, gossip, or display a positive trait they didn't really think or feel; don't obey traffic or other laws, showed anger at another person..... We don't know about Bryant, as we don't really know about anyone else.

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