Republicans Evolve on Climate Change

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    Some rare good news came out of the U.S. Senate this week on climate change: There are at least 60 senators who believe that climate change is real and caused by human activity. That’s enough to break a filibuster on a bill, if they could ever agree on what it should include.

    For years, Republicans have skirted the issue. Less noted, but equally important, is that they're also evolving on it. Within the party, the fight has moved on from whether climate change is real to whether human activity is causing it, as the scientific evidence overwhelmingly indicates. Republicans have been reluctant to accept the evidence, because that would require doing something about it, which would lead to -- and this is crux of the issue -- new laws and regulations that interfere with the free market.

    When science conflicts with ideology, ideology often wins, and not just with Republicans. Many Democrats oppose genetically modified food even though the science is overwhelmingly against them. But Republican opposition to climate science, the biggest impediment to discussing policies to reduce carbon emissions, is weakening.

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