Rick Jore running again

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    Jeanne Windham and Rick Jore, whose recount of the 2004 vote in House District 12 was decided by the state Supreme Court, both plan to seek election to the seat again.

    Windham, a Democrat elected to the seat that serves Lake County, announced Monday she will seek a second term.

    Jore, a former Republican legislator who ran as a Constitution Party candidate, said the party is gathering signatures to put him on the ballot. He said he expected to be able to file for office in February.

    Republicans are also expected to field a candidate in the race, but no one has announced yet.

    Windham won her first term in a close race against Jore, who was initially declared the winner. Recounts and subsequent court rulings on the intention of voters in the case of double-marked ballots put Windham in the Legislature, splitting the House 50-50 between Democrats and Republicans.

    The race in House District 12 remained controversial, even after Windham joined the Legislature. After hearings at the District Court and Supreme Court levels, Jore was ordered to pay $15,000 in attorney fees for a case he had very little role in.

    Jore has refused to pay the fees, and even Windham has said it wasn't her intention that Jore pay for those fees.

    Source: Associated Press
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    Very odd that he's running as a Democrat now.

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