Scouting Reports on Latest Hall of Fame Inductees

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    Ken Griffey Jr. and Mike Piazza were elected to the HOF yesterday. Griffey set the record for the most unanimous percentage vote in history surpassing Tom Seaver in that regard.

    Ken Griffey Jr. was the overall #1 draft pick, that is he was drafted #1 in the 1st round.
    Mike Piazza was drafted in the 62nd round, the overall 1,390th pick. He was drafted on the request of then Dodgers manager Tommy Lasorda.

    Here are the scouting reports on these two HOFers.

    Players are rated on several categories on a 1 to 8 rating system, 8 being highest, 1 being lowest.

    They are rated as to their performance in the present and also their projected rating in the future.

    OFP = Overall Future Potential.

    Ken Griffey Jr Scouting Report.JPG

    Mike Piazza Scouting Report.JPG

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