Searching for Climate Change

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    John Christy: Over time, I‟ve seen climate
    become, rather than a science, more of a political
    and religious issue. So let‟s look at climate from
    a scientific perspective.
    Michael Crichton famously said, “Consensus is
    not science.” In regard to the climate, you often
    hear, “consensus says this,” or “consensus says
    that.” Yet if you have to vote on it, that‟s not
    science—that‟s political activity. We know what
    science is: All science is numbers. Lord Kelvin
    told us that a century and a half ago. You
    measure something, you put it into a number, and
    then you know something about your subject. My
    favorite author said this: “Some people will do
    anything to save the earth—except take a science
    course.” That was P.J. O‟Rourke, and he actually
    had numbers to back up his statement: He showed
    that Americans are taking fewer and fewer of the
    hard science courses. We have fewer and fewer
    American graduates in the hard sciences today.
    Science is difficult, and a lot of people don‟t like

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