Sensitivity training used as punishment

Discussion in 'Politics' started by church mouse guy, Aug 9, 2005.

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    A Canadian businessman named Jeff Rubin writing a forecast about the world's oil supply wrote last April that ...oil prices would double by 2010. Demand will outstrip supply because "this time around there won't be any tap that some appeased mullah or sheik can suddenly turn back on,"....

    For this remark, he was forced into sensitivity training.

    As someone noted on Dhimmi Watch, "Remarkable how often dhimmitude and political correctness tend to converge."

    In the old days, a guy would apologize or withdraw his remarks and life would go on. Nowadays the liberals want to make a federal case out of such minor things and send a guy to sensitivity training as punishment in order to remind him for six more weeks that they don't accept apologies or allow the withdrawal of remarks. I notice that when liberals make direct personal attacks they tend to say that they were only joking.

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