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Discussion in 'Computers & Website Forum' started by Gina B, Dec 13, 2011.

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    I have a few clients whose outsource user sends articles back to me with the note that it needs MORE search engine optimization.

    It ticks me off because I'm fine writing SEO articles, but there comes a point where the outsourcer is clueless. It is their business and if they want x number of keyword repetitions, they don't bother with letting the client know that it is stupid and may be the best for the advertisement, they told them "we'll get you a lot of hits" and they care more about that than the quality and end tone.

    I always end up pleasing them, but don't want it messing up my personal reputation, and that's leading me to take very little work for those types of articles.

    Do any of you do this or have tips on SEO writing without sounding idiotic or how to make outsourcers realize that they could have more clients if they were more realistic and gave clients better quality and focused articles with a bit less emphasis on making sure the keywords and such reach a preset level? I don't want to tick anyone off, but there's one company in particular that just doesn't seem to care and I really think that they'd do better if they took a few tips from their writers who have been doing SEO writing for years.

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