Should Michael Steele Step Down from the RNC???

Discussion in 'Politics' started by righteousdude2, Apr 12, 2010.

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    Most of you probably have heard about the group of RNC individuals who went to an L.A. bondage club with the assistance of an RNC credit card.

    Although Steele wasn't personally in attendance, and apparently didn't know about the visit to this LA sex club until after the fact, there are those from both parties that are calling for him to step down.

    Yes, there are a few other issues involved with their demand for him to step down, but, the bondage club incident started the call for Steele's "head-on-a-stick!"

    What do you think... should Steele step down for the actions and misuse/abuse of an RNC credit card?


    Is Steele correct in saying, that like Obama, because he is a "black man" he is being held to a higher standard?

    Just wanted to know what you think about this most recent scandal within another political party.


    Pastor Paul :type:
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    I'm not a republican (or democrat for that matter) but I jave said Mr Steele was a bad choice since his installment.

    As an observer, the RNC has quite an opportunity righ now with the overwhelming public disenfranchisement over the health care business. With his leadership I think they will waste this opportunity and squander their electoral chances. They need to replace him
    asap IMHO.

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