Since some people think that if Sweden does it so should we.......

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    Sweden has announced plans to deport some 80,000 asylum-seekers whose applications have been processed and rejected.
    The Scandinavian country has been overrun by migrants in recent months, and currently has the highest naturalization rate of immigrants of all European nations.

    The decision to expel the migrants was announced by Sweden’s Minister of the Interior, Anders Ygeman, who explained that charter flights will be used to convey the migrants back to their home countries over the next several years.

    It is “a great challenge,” Ygeman said. “We’re talking about 60-80 thousand people.”

    The Minister said he had instructed police and Migrationsverket, the national immigration agency, to proceed gradually with the forced repatriation of the migrants. Sweden has begun talks to coordinate the deportations with officials from the countries of origin, including Afghanistan and Morocco.

    “We’ll start with those who leave voluntarily, by creating good conditions and all possible facilities,” he said. “But we cannot limit ourselves to this, and so we have to proceed with coercive measures.”

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