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  1. OCC

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    I cannot send private messages to the moderators I have to do this publicly.

    I believe there are a few others who should have their private message privilege removed. I would like to send copies of the messages I have received but I cannot do it. So...shall I post them publicly?

    I am getting sick and tired of the favouritism here. I have records of the things said to me that have been excused. I respond in a PM to someone who insulted me on a post (which I couldn't respond to cuz it was locked) and I am the one that cannot send PM's anymore? You know...I will never be able to figure out the hypocrisy and inconsistency on this board. Thanks for being good Christian friends...NOT!
  2. OCC

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    Since nobody has answered in the negative I guess it is affirmative? I can post the messages on this public forum since I am not allowed to send pm's nor to report them to moderators?

    I think some of the Moderator's tactics are underhanded and unChristlike. And you have a problem with me? :mad:
  3. OCC

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  4. Frogman

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    Jan 15, 2001
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    King James,
    Why can you not send pm's to moderators?

    I have not blocked you nor anyone else on the board.

    My pm box may be too full to receive anymore, but no one is on my blocked list.

    Do not post any pm on the public forum.

    I will check my inbox and I will clean it up if full.

    Then you may pm me and we can settle this problem.

    As for now I think it best to remove this thread.

    Bro. Dallas
  5. dianetavegia

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    You may send PM's by email to any moderator. You have my home email address, however, we have copies already of many of the pm's exchanged today with both sides included.

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