"Sleepy Hollow"

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    It was cancelled after three seasons.

    The series was centered around a hero named Ichabod Crane, a British turncoat who fought for America but who was killed by a headless horseman fighting for the British army. Crane then rises from the dead 200 years later and the nonsense goes on from there.

    When I first learned of it, it had some degree of Biblical and Revolutionary War sentiment throughout the first two episodes, but they lost me after only two. I was not at all impressed with the writer and producer's distortion of American History with Gen. George Washington presumably linking the Freemasons, the occult and God's Word into a narrative. I was not impressed over the deliberate misrepresentation of God's Word all starting with the apocalypse in Revelation, all the way up to a convoluted plan to "fight evil with evil" and summoning some demon nitwit to defeat another demon and win.

    By the end of the series according to online sources, God no longer had no place in American history or in man's heart.

    I investigate these types of shows (within reason and common sense) whenever the Lord and/or His Word is part of the story line, just to see what happens. I might be suprized, or I might be disappointed. In this case, it was an insult to our Lord and our Founding Fathers.
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    I was also disappointed. The show became satanic fairly quickly. But you know what, most of the shows are. They offer just enough "good vs. evil" and an interesting story line that Christians will ignore that they are deriving entertainment from imagery and themes that are offensive to God. Sometimes these things are even lifted up as containing some moral value while at the same time embracing the sinfulness from which Christ's death liberated us (the Walking Dead come to mind as well...It's such a cleaver story line and really an interesting show, - one I genuinely liked - but it also embraces those things from which we are commanded to flee).
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    There's a trend now to add so any storylines and subplots and shadowy conspiracies to TV shows now that it's really turned e off to new shows. That's why I never bothered to watch Sleepy Hollow.

    But I did see a few episodes when my other was visiting us (she likes the show) and I share your disappointment over the show.

    I watched an episode of Dragnet recently and Friday gave the bad guy a lecture about the importance of religion and submitting to God and going to church. As a Christian there were several nits that could be picked But as somebody who's just tired of every traditional value mocked or denigrated on TV it was a breath of fresh air. You'd never see soething like that on TV today. .Although I strongly disagree with Catholicism the few times I watched "Everybody Loves Raymond" I was impressed that they (or at least the wife) treated their faith. Before that I think I'd have to go back to "Jericho" to find a show where traditional values aren't mocked and where a main character attends church and isn't a pedophile or a faith healer.

    Currently the only show I can think of like that is Last Man Standing. Even though Mike goes to church grudgingly because his wife makes him he still sees the importance of it and still shows reverence to God and tries to pass that along to his children.

    (Sorry for the poor punctuation Several keys on my keyboard are not working )

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