So much for Obama's Negotiations with Iran

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    .....The “Supreme Leader” declared victory over the United States in Tehran’s recent nuclear agreement with world powers, saying, “This is the outcome of the Iranian nation’s resistance and bravery and the creativity of dear Iranian scientists.”

    He predicted that in the case of war with the United States, The U.S. “will emerge loser,” PressTV reported.
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    So, in other words Washington isn't the only city filled with war mongering idiots that support terrorist proxy armies in the middle east and north Africa.

    What makes Washington's war mongers and their support for terrorists in the middle east and north Africa any more noble or just than Iran's warmongers and their support for terrorists in the middle east and north Africa Rev?

    Please explain it to me cuz I don't understand how one group of terrorist supporting war mongers is any nobler than the other. If the nobility of their "cause" is based on the number of dead and displaced in the middle east and north Africa then the Washington war mongers and their policies of "defensive aggression" and regime change through terrorist proxy armies are way ahead of Iran.
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