"Son of Blackbird" -- the nation's newest spy technology

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    [OP's aside: You can safely multiply that by roughly 2.3 times and come up with a more accurate estimate of what the bird is really capable of doing.]

    The old SR-71 will sit on the tarmac leaking oil like an incontinent dog leaks ... well, you know. Then you fire her up, let those big jet engines idle ...

    ... and she still leaks oil like my uncle's old '58 Chevy pickup (we always told him to buy Fords, but would he listen?).

    But get her up in the air ... everything sucks up, seals up, tightens up and she flies like a bat out of hell with its hair on fire and it's butt catching. Can't wait to see this bird roll out. Wish she was manned, but ya can't have everything this day and age, I guess.

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