Sources: U.S. believes Israel has conducted an airstrike into Syria

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    (CNN) -- The United States believes Israel has conducted an airstrike into Syria, two U.S. officials tell CNN.

    U.S. and Western intelligence agencies are reviewing classified data showing Israel most likely conducted a strike in the Thursday-Friday time frame, according to both officials. This is the same time frame that the U.S. collected additional data showing Israel was flying a high number of warplanes over Lebanon.

    One official said the United States had limited information so far and could not yet confirm those are the specific warplanes that conducted a strike. Based on initial indications, the U.S. does not believe Israeli warplanes entered Syrian airspace to conduct the strikes.

    Both officials said there is no reason to believe Israel struck at a chemical weapons storage facilities. The Israelis have long said they would strike at any targets that prove to be the transfer of any kinds of weapons to Hezbollah or other terrorist groups, as well as at any effort to smuggle Syrian weapons into Lebanon that could threaten Israel.

    The Lebanese army website listed 16 flights by Israeli warplanes penetrating Lebanon's airspace from Thursday evening through Friday afternoon local time.
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    They had to bomb Syria Rev. Al Qaeda forces were losing pretty bad so Israel was forced to step in and back them up like Nato backed up Al Qaeda forces with air cover in Libya not so long ago.

    Al Qaeda has to topple Assad for us or we'll be forced to do it ourselves. Man they need heavier weapons. Obama should make sure they get em. What's that he is making sure Al Qaeda gets heavy weapons? Cool. They sure need em. And remember "if you see something, say something". We need your help to keep you safe, from right wingers and christian gun owners and Iraqi war veterans. Oh and Al Qaeda.
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