Specific Church Membership (Other Denomonations Version)

Discussion in 'Other Christian Denominations' started by gekko, Dec 22, 2006.

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    I put this in the 'baptist-only' section as well.. which is why i labelled this one the 'other denomonations version' :tongue3:

    i'm just wondering - for your specific church.

    what is the concept, the meaning, the happenings etc when a person becomes a member of your church?

    in serving in the church - are non-members restricted? if so, why?

    after baptism does the person automatically become a member of your church? does that person have a choice to either not or to be a member of your church after being baptised?

    what scriptural backing do you have for specific church membership?

    why become a member of a specific church?

    what is said at the announcement of a new member in your church? is there a covenant between the church and the new member?

    is membership just a title in your church? or is there more to it?

    let me start this off.

    currently i don't know if in my church if non-members are restricted in serving.

    after baptism - the person becomes a member of the church... but does have a choice.

    currently i don't have the scripture with me that backs the specific church membership in my church (i still have to get the list of verses is all)

    membership for the church i attend means this: the church and the new member enters a covenant - that the church is now to be accountable to the new member - and the new member is to be accountable to the church. that is all that membership means in our church.

    in my honest opinion - it's only an un-needed title.

    please share. i'm just curious is all what other churches got. :tongue3:

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