Spin this Mr. Obama: Quarterly Growth Revised DOWNWARD!

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Trust and Belief in Obama?

  1. I trust him 100%

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  2. I don't trust him as far as he can throw a basketbal

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  3. He is truthful and works to remain positive

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  4. He lies, and no one can believe the man, making his administration look bad

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    That right, sports fans .... the economy that this president is constantly saying is healthier than ever, since the recession, took another kick to the groin. So let's wait and see the positive spin Washington tries to sell America on this latest setback. Plus let's see how they spin this story from late last year on the Economic Recovery being the Worst in History (http://www.wsj.com/articles/SB10001424052702303816504577311470997904292)

    Things are not as rosy as Obama would like us to believe, but if he'd just tell us the truth, and stop with the positive spinning, I think Americans would appreciate his transparency and candidness and look at him as a strong leader.

    Every time he lies and is caught in a lie, Americans lose more and more confidence in his ability to lead us!

    What say you?

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