Strength Training After 50

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    136 an important aspect toward good health that I don't think many truly appreciate just how benficial it is to one's wellness.

    The loss of skeletal muscle mass as we age (sarcopenia) usually begins in our 30’s and this loss increases at a higher rate as we age. I believe there is nothing that compares to the anti-aging effects of strength training which greatly improves the quality of lives as we grow older. I came across a nice article which explains the benefits of maintaining muscle mass through strength training as we age and want to share it:

    Much better than being a:


    Below is a good example of how profound a difference strength training can make (a larger version is going on my gym wall for motivation):

    This is cross sections of legs showing the muscle mass of Top- 40 year old athlete, Middle- 74 year old sedentary man, Bottom- 70 year old athlete:

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