Syria: Backlash to Sen. Graham’s “Nuke Threat”

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    In yet another example of the emerging power of alternative media, Americans are openly rejecting Sen. Lindsey Graham’s “us vs. them” rhetoric that if the U.S. doesn’t attack Syria, terrorists could nuke South Carolina.

    In an article by CBS Charlotte, Graham said that if the U.S. doesn’t proceed with military action against the Russian-backed Assad regime, Iran will not take “America’s resolve” to stop their nuclear weapons program seriously.
    As a result, Graham said, terrorists could easily detonate a nuclear device in Charleston Harbor.

    This comes directly in the wake of our report that Dyess Air Force base in Texas is secretly transporting nuclear warheads to South Carolina in a black ops move with no paper trail.

    Many of the article’s commenters have openly called out Graham for “fear mongering” and linked his statements directly to our report, with some even suggesting that a false flag could be in the making:

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