Ted Cruz Asks for Spokesman’s Resignation After He Posts False Marco Rubio Story

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Revmitchell, Feb 22, 2016.

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    Republican presidential hopeful Texas Sen. Ted Cruz has asked his communications director to resign, the candidate said Monday.

    Rick Tyler, national spokesman for the Cruz campaign, had posted an inaccurate story about Cruz’s 2016 rival Florida Sen. Marco Rubio on Facebook.

    The story included video of a run-in between Rubio, a Cruz staffer and Cruz’s father Rafael Cruz in the lobby of a hotel. The Cruz aide was reading the Bible, and the video misquoted Rubio as saying that there are “not many answers in it.”

    But the staffer later reported that Rubio had made a “friendly and appropriate remark.”

    Early Monday morning, Tyler apologized for passing the story along without checking it out.

    Cruz told reporters Monday in Las Vegas that Tyler is a “good man” whose “error in judgment” caused him to ask for the spokesman’s resignation.

    The candidate added that the news story was false, but even if it was true, questioning another candidate’s faith is out of line in his campaign.


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