The AGONY of Jesus Christ: It was NOT in vain

Discussion in '2004 Archive' started by calvin4me, May 29, 2004.

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    I have only one question to ask:

    After reflecting on all He went through, the betrayal, the bloody sweat on His face in Gethsemane, His disciples deserting Him out of fear, bound like a criminal, the deep humiliation, the insults, the spitting in His face, blindfolded and beaten while being ruthlessly mocked, struck by the high priest,crowned with thorns that ripped His forehead,relentless flogged and whipped while He cried out in the most bitter excruciation, listening to those He loved and healed cry out: Crucify Him!, Crucify Him!, bore a heavy wooden post while the blood flowed out of Him in a hundred different places, pierced in hands and feet with a spike and hammer, given vinegar, probably suffered the sharpest muscles pains and brutal cramps while He hung, weakly fighting off suffocation by pushing Himself up at an angle so He could draw a painful breath, (That's why the Romans broke kneecaps, so they would die faster), then enduring the misery of watching His own mother weep over Him for hours, then suffering the GREATEST AGONY of all: "My Father, why have You forsaken Me?", eventually pierced with a spear...

    All of this hellish agony...can anyone possibly think that after ALL OF THIS, while dying in the worst pain possible, He thought to Himself:
    "Gee, I really hope they will make it to heaven"?

    No no no...what I believe he thought, just before His Spirit departed from His broken body, was:
    "Father, I thank You for SECURING these who You have given Me."

    Amen, brothers and sisters.

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