The Anglo-Dutch Wars and the "Glorious Revolution."

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    I was doing some family history research and came upon references to these conflicts in the 1600s (1652-1688). I started with the fall of New York to the Dutch in 1672 and then read about the entire conflict.

    I found it fascinating. I never took British History in collage and whatever World History survey courses I did take must have skipped over this.

    The story of William III is just amazing to me. He goes from prince, to head of state of Holland in 1672. The nation is bankrupt, his armies loosing, he is at war with the English, the French, and a handful of other city states. He is whipped. Then 16 years later he is sitting on the throne as King of England.

    That and the story of the Dutch busting the dikes and flooding the lowlands to stop the French army and then fighting them on skates over the frozen water during the winter of 1672-73. That was really cool to me.

    Anybody here studied these conflicts in detail?

    Can you recommend a good reference source? Everything I learned so far came off of the internet.

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