The case of Binyam Mohamed

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    STORY HERESome questions:

    1. Was he the victim of extraordinary rendition by the US?

    2. Were UK agencies complicit in #1?

    3. Did the US threaten to withdraw intelligence sharing if details of the rendition were publicised in the British courts, as two senior British judges allege?

    4. If #3 is true, does this not amount to unnacceptable bullying interference by one sovereign democratic state in the judicial process of another?

    5. If, as alleged, Mr Mohamed admitted the commission of acts which would be criminal offences under US law, why has he not been put on trial?

    6. If, as Mr Mohamed alleges, the admissions referred to in #5 were obtained under #1, how reliable are those admissions?

    7. If there are no charges currently pending against Mr Mohamed, why is he not free to leave Guantanamo?
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