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    I switched service providers and installed Verizon Dsl on September 11th. I started getting virus attacks immediately. Seventeen in all! Norton detected them but one got through. The first thing I did was install a firewall which stopped the attacks. Then I went searching for help. I found a tool called the Cleaner.

    Described as:
    "The Cleaner is the most powerful trojan detection and removal program in the world. It can detect every known trojan and keep your system from being infected. Unlike anti-virus programs, The Cleaner can also remove trojans already in your computer".

    They also have a message board I will post a link how they helped me with this Trojan. They were so helpful to help me get rid of it. I think it might be worth it to buy. Saved me the headache of taking my computer in for costly repairs.

    Here is the link to our discussion.

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