The Da Vinci Code Debacle

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    On page 1 of The Da Vinci Code, under the heading, "FACT," author Dan Brown writes that "The Priory of Sion," a European secret society founded in 1099, is supposedly a real organization that covers up a scandal of a non-divine human-only Jesus who was married to Mary Magdalene, and that in 1975, Paris's Bibliothèque Nationale discovered parchments known as "Les Dossiers Secrets," which supposedly identifies numerous members of the Priory of Sion, including Sir Isaac Newton and Leonardo da Vinci, and provides the proof for the Da Vinci Code book and movie.

    "The Last Word; The Da Vinci Con," (PDF) written by Laura Miller for the New York Times, as well as many historical studies found at InfoQuest* for Truth and a 1996 BBC documentary prove that first, the "Les Dossiers Secrets" were created and planted in Paris's Bibliothèque Nationale by forger Pierre Plantard, who had a criminal record for fraud, whose associate, in the 1970's, admitted to helping Plantard fabricate all of the materials, and second, the actual Priory of Sion was formed and officially registered in 1956 in France by a tiny harmless social group of Plantard's like-minded friends.

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