The doctrine of separation

Discussion in 'Baptist Theology & Bible Study' started by evangelist6589, May 15, 2015.

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    Complex topic and people take differing views. Having attended BJU for 2 years I am aware and differ from them, but will say they take the high road on this issue. I see that some on this board do not attend movie theaters, own a TV, watch the news, etc.. Nothing wrong with that, but it's unwise to judge others whom disagree if they are not in sin. For example going to watch Friday the 13th and other devilish films would be a sin I believe. But going to watch Pinocchio and other innocent films would not be.

    Lots of scripture on this topic including the most popular book on holiness called Leviticus and a popular verse.

    Wherefore come out from among them and be he separate.

    So what's your take on separation? I separate from apostates, worldliness, and disobedient brethren. However disobedient does not entail those that social drink and disagree with BJU's philosophy of music.

    We have discussed this topic before here but it's been a long time.
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    As with most issues in Scripture, it is a twofold issue. There is the temporal aspect, where we would think avoiding movies that include ungodly material would be a no-brainer, and then we have the eternal in which we are in fact separated from the world through the power of God in salvation.

    I think the call to "come out of her" could be extended to both aspects. While the general command of obedience to the Gospel goes out to all the world, there is a separate command/s to the Body of Christ as we grow in Christ, and our obedience either enlarging, staying the same, or lagging behind.

    In regards to social drinking, this is an issue that one must confront in tier walk with the Lord. Drunkenness is certainly not viewed as an acceptable practice, yet self control is. While one might imbibe and not consider themselves drunken, who's standard do they judge this by?

    And I am a little confused, lol, exactly what is BJUs philosophy of music?

    God bless.

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