'The Empire Strikes Back': Russian official threatens U.S. access to ISS

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    The Little Marxist Dictator has turned us into a second-class nation. We're fighting for scraps among the rest of the third-worlders. We're the nation that sent men to the Moon, not once by six times, and designed a survival method from scratch for a seventh mission gone awry. We're the nation that rid the world of polio, that -- for now -- provides our citizens and anyone else who wants to travel here the best healthcare in the world. We're the nation that saved the world when a madman wanted to split it down the middle with a pseudo-demigod in Asia.

    And now we're begging rides to the ISS and taking second-hand rocket engines from the losers in the space race -- though $70 million per ride per person, and $22 million per engine isn't exactly beggar's wages.

    Anyone who doesn't see a problem with this picture isn't looking at it in focus.
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