The Government's Newest Stupid Human Trick

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    ....Behind the scenes, Federal Reserve regional presidents are bickering about the necessity and wisdom of more QE. Today the risks associated with QE, like inflation, for example, are beginning to outweigh any possible short-term benefit that QE supposedly brings.

    That’s because – I’ll say it again folks – our problems are not economic; our problems are political.

    That problem that we have where the economy is only creating part-time jobs? That’s a political problem, not an economic problem.

    That problem where we enjoy an all-time high money supply, yet that money isn’t circulating in the economy?

    That’s a political problem, not an economic problem.

    That problem that we have where banks can make more money by doing nothing-- or doing something in the stock market-- rather than loaning money to people on Main Street?.....

    ...Last year’s second half was so great thanks to this Stupid Human Trick: Obama moved government orders up to the third quarter helping the administration post a 3.1% annual gain in GDP quarter-over-quarter. It worked. It was just enough to get them reelected. ...

    ...What the government gave in the 3rd quarter, it took away in 4th. In other words, when you averaged out the second half, we narrowly averted a recession going into the first half of this year.
    That makes the Democrats under Obama a lot more than half full of it, Stupid Human Trick or no.

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