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    There is a severe flood in the area, and people are evacuating. Only the local priest does not want to go anywhere, saying that God is going to save him. The water is coming up, and the large 4X4 stops by the priest's house, and the driver screams:
    -Padre, go to our vihicle!
    -I don't need that - the priest responds - our Lord is going to save me.
    The water is coming up and reaching the windows of the priest's house. Another group of people, this time on the boat, stops by:
    -Padre, let's go to safety!
    -I don't need that, God will help me.
    The water is coming up, the priest's house is completely flooded, and he is staying on its roof. Suddenly, the helicopter appears, the the pilot screams:
    -Padre, grab the rope and go with us!
    -I don't need that, God is going to help me.
    The water is coming up, so the priest was washed off the roof and drawned. In the heaven, he asks the Lord:
    -My God, but why didn't you help me?
    -I did my best to help you. I've sent the 4x4, the boat, and even the helicopter!

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