"The Homespun Gospel"

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    Anyone read this book? "The Homespun Gospel" here is an excerpt.

    "Evangelical conservatives really don’t care about those forms in and of themselves—only their utility—and thus are willing to discard them when they no longer “work” to provide ideological consent (anyone else have Christian t-shirts in their closets?). In contrast, liberal evangelicals are sentimental. I don’t mean they are overly emotional as the word often implies today. Rather, by sentimental, I mean that liberal evangelicals desire a faith that is sensational or appealing to many senses. For them, historically, cultural forms are important for the production and maintenance of public religious sensibilities (I’m thinking of Lori Merish’s notion of "Sentimental Materialism"). Faith, for Christian sentimentalists, is less about intellectual assent and more about coveting sacred feelings and experiences."

    "Brenneman shows how evangelicals use tropes of God as father, human beings as children, and nostalgia for an imagined idyllic home life to provide alternate sources of social authority, intended to help evangelicals survive a culture that is philosophically at odds with conservative Christianity. Yet Brenneman also demonstrates that the sentimental focus on individual emotion and experience can undermine the evangelical agenda"

    The recent posts about Christ Mass Trees, lighting candles, "Greenery" and the like made me think of this book. Good Read.

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