The Humor of Christ

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    In another thread I mentioned this book, The Humor of Christ. Here is a review of the book from

    A very slim, easily readable volume in which Trueblood carefully goes through every saying of Jesus's in the New Testament and argues that many of them are humorous, often very witty sayings. For example, he argues that the saying that looking at someone with lust in your heart is the same as committing adultery was not meant to be taken as literally true. What Jesus was doing was mocking the arrogant and self-righteous of his age, who considered themselves as so superior that they were beyond mere lust. In our age own, everyone is familiar with certain preachers who act as if they are beyond all sexual temptation or desire...then get caught with hookers. (Apparently human nature doesn't change.) Another instance that Trueblood writes about is the curious exchange between Jesus and a woman whom he refuses to cure, insulting her with the comment, "It isn't right to give the children's food to the dogs." On the surface, this is an appalling comment. Trueblood argues Jesus was teasing her, and that she bested him by coming back with, "Yes, but even the dogs can eat the scraps that fall from the table." I can imagine the smile on his face as he says, "If you can give me an answer like that, I will cure you." This book is an eye-opener for those who have been curious as to why so many of Jesus's sayings didn't make much sense...unless you see them as wit.
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    It makes so much sense! His seven sayings on the Cross: witticisms!

    He was admired and accepted of men; a man of happiness and acquainted with cheer: and we looked to him; he was accepted, and we esteemed him. Isa. 53:3
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