The Man of Nazareth in the Old Testament

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    The Man of Nazareth in the Old Testament
    Jesus is called "the Man of Nazareth at the beginning of his life, Mark 1:24 Matthew 2:23 Luke 2:51 (1:26);

    at the beginning of his ministry, Luke 4:16, 34 John 1:45,46;

    at the end of his ministry, Mark 10:47; 14:67 Matthew 21: 11 Luke 18:37; 24:19 John 18:5,7; 19:19;

    and after his Resurrection, Mark 16:6

    Obviously the name, Jesus Man of Nazareth must have had great eschatological significance.

    What does the name or word, Nazareth, therefore mean? The "Holy" or "Separated Acre".

    On the fourteenth day of the First Month for Israel, "On the Selfsame Whole-day-BONE-day (of the Passover of Yahweh) … when ye REAP (cut, lift up and gather in) [first sheaf] of the harvest of your land, thou shalt not when thou reapest make clean riddance of the CORNERS (or acres at the edges) of thy FIELD (of thy ACRES of thy harvest): thou shalt leave them unto The Poor and to The Stranger I AM THE LORD YOUR GOD”—Jesus Christ the Anointed Messiah “Our Passover” the “Lamb of God”.

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