The Morphing of ACORN

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    ACORN’s Machinations Are Lipstick on a Pig

    by Kyle Olson

    Boy, ACORN is good. They’re so good the White House should give them a call and seek some political tips. Er…given the recently-unearthed video of the president yearning for ACORN’s endorsement, something tells me that’s not necessary.

    The evolution of ACORN, summarized by Matthew Vadum, is not surprising but is impressive. Even Al Capone wasn’t this successful at morphing his organization into a new beast.

    But interestingly, that’s not exactly what’s happening. ACORN is simply adding to and remodeling what it has already created. The gang is splitting up to do the same work, likely with the same funders – radical foundations and individuals…oh, and the American taxpayers.

    But rest assured, no lessons have been learned, nothing will really change. The same people are involved. So no one expects there to be much difference. New box, same crappy product. The radical left is simply painting a little lipstick on the pig and hoping American will fall in love with it all over again.

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