The Obama Record on Israel

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    Short video:

    Pelosi says obama has been to israel over and over:

    But what is the record?

    2008 Obama ran as a pro-Israel candidate, yet - As President, HE HAS NEVER VISITED ISRAEL.

    First 100 days of presidency, obama visited a muslim capital

    The first television interview obama granted as President was to a muslim network.

    He visited Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and other countries, but never to the one democracy in the Middle East, our ally. Not once in 3-1/2 years.

    Here's obama's record on Israel - a documentary on You Tube. It shows the facts, shows the speeches and visits to muslim nations (long video).

    There is a lot more, but this information gives the overview of the obama record on Israel.

    As an aside, re: Mitt Romney...

    Mitt Romney is in Israel today, visiting with his old friend of approximately 30 years, Bibi Netanyahu. :thumbs:

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