The Old Regular Baptist Hymnody

Discussion in 'Music Ministry' started by Alive in Christ, Dec 25, 2011.

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    This topic came up somewhere around here, but I cant find it now, so I am starting this topic.

    The Old Regular Baptist's are a group that..for the most part...try to keep things, as much as possible..just the way they have always been.

    Very much concerned with maintaining traditon.

    As a result, their way of singing hymns is very much a "going back in time" experience. For ME, that is something that I find to be incredibly cool.

    These churches are prmarily here in Kentucky, in West Virginia, and Virginia.

    I would be interested in what you all think of their way with singing hymns.

    Keep in mind, you are hearing something that has not changed in any way, since the 1800's, if not earlier.

    Personally, I find their singing to be VERY powerfull and very spiritual.
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    The singing is typical of 300 years ago call and response music in which the amish still use, too.

    Each call is a different line of text, which is followed by the the congregation repeating both melody and words. Melodies were obviously kept simple and emphasis was in most cases placed upon what was sung - the lyrics. Most were meant to edify the scriptural education of the believer and very sound doctrinally. Many congregations would only sing the psalms.
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    Earth Wind and Fire
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    I would much prefer the old timey line out singing to the crud the churches up in New Jersey have.

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