The Process of Indoctrination

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    It seems that a unique moment in human history is at last coming to an end. Just a few short years ago, anyone who dared talk about the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission, the Bilderberg group or the Bohemian Grove as organizations through which the financial oligarchs wielded power was dismissed with that ultimate debate-ending phrase: 'conspiracy theorist.' Now, however, these secretive organizations and the corporate moneymen who pull their strings are finally allowing the public a glimpse behind the façade of representative democracy at the way elite institutions are really shaping global geopolitics. People are at last free to talk about how world politics are shaped by a few thousand of the ultra-wealthy and well-connected…provided, of course, those people are closely tied to Henry Kissinger and tend to think that global government is the best way of organizing 21st century society.

    The Corbett Report

    Imagine that.
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    There is no better place to hide the truth than in plain sight.
    They realize that the american public(thanks to the public schools system)has sufficiently been dumbed down to the point where they can bring the plan into the open.
    Because very few will subject themselves to public ridicule few speak up.
    A few hundred thousand on their end of the battle-----------a few hundred thousand on our end of the battle,and A couple of hundred million in the middle.
    Th Hegelian dialectic, antithesis----------thesis-----------synthesis.
    NEVER NEVER give up.:thumbs:

    Check this out Tom is a friend of mine in the Nasville area.
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