The website might do what the GOP couldn't: Delay the individual mandate

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    The effort is a followup to revelations that the administration ignored clear danger signs before the October 1 launch that the website was seriously flawed. They have now called in Verizon to attempt to help fix the "glitches" as the Great Pretender continues to call them, despite indications that the website itself is on giant mistake.

    As much as five million lines of code might have to be rewritten to repair this misbegotten tool of a misbegotten program. Even though testing was apparently conducted prior to the launch, no one considered testing whether or not a user could actually complete the process of signing up for a health insurance plan through the site.

    This is the equivalent of the used car salesman saying, "Hey, we can't find the keys to this little beauty, but it ought to run great, once we can figure out a way to get it started."


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