The Word of Promise: Next Generation New Testament

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    I recently acquired yet another translation of the New Testament, The Word of Promise: Next Generation New Testament with MP3 CD-ROMs published by Thomas Nelson in 2009. Unlike any of the other New Testaments that I have, this one is not just another book or a download—this one is a hardcover book accompanied with MP3 CD-ROMs. Indeed, “The Word of Promise: Next Generation is much more than just a word-for-word reading, it’s an “an all-star cast performing audio drama with a rich original score and Hollywood special effects. When Jesus walks on water, you’ll feel like you’re in the boat. When Peter waits in the courtyard during the Lord’s trial, the fire will crackle. The ambient sounds of the Hold Land, the breath-taking musical score, the world-class young actors and the timeless Word of Promise all combine to deliver an unparalleled achievement.”

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