They are housing some of them here

Discussion in '2005 Archive' started by TexasSky, Sep 2, 2005.

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    Our closed base is going to house some of the refugees. It is a LONG, long, LONG drive from here to New Orleans, but we're thrilled to have the folks, and the city is absolutely buzzing with people and companies rushing to make sure the folks feel at home.

    The Universities and Police Academy surrendered the facilities, the grocery stores are asking people to buy hygience kits for the Red Cross to hand out, and they're matchings the funds on the cost. The food bank is clearing its shelf, the churches and schools and universities are stepping up to collect money, clothing, food, water, - anything to make these people feel more at home and let them know the world really does care.
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    Wonderful! I hope some of this makes the national news.
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    It looks like the national news is only picking up the bigger cities. (Not that we're small. We have 200,000 before the students arrive and the students at one university alone add another 27,000 to our population. There are two other universities in the city.)

    We started out with 35, then they heard what we could offer and upped it to about 1,500.

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